Twisting Cube Shell Set

Twisting Cube Shell Set

Twisting Cube Shell Set


For Anverdi Mental Dice or Spotted DICE ONLY - UK CUSTOMERS ONLY

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British Secret Service are proud to be the chosen UK Stockist for Mjollnir's Magic Prop Shop Products.


Crafted with quality in mind The Twisting Cube Shell is a fantastic way to get even more effects out of your electronic dice.


Using The Rubik's Cube as a disguise, this shell turns your dice into an instantly recognisable object.


Use these shells for:

  • A colour divination
  • A colour match routine
  • Flitch generated photo
  • And More


For the first time ever, these Cube shells twist as an extra convincer - very deceptive!

AND... With the Extra Secret Shell provided you can Split 1 Cube into 2 in the Blink of an Eye!





Included in the Pack

  • 3 Twisting Cube Shells
  • 1 Display Stand
  • 1 Extra Secret Shell (You'll love this extra!)



  • About the Creator

    Seamus Mjollnir; owner of Mjollnir's Magic Prop Shop, is a Canadian magician with genius ideas and a craftsman's eye for quality. 

    This is the second release in a whole range of Mjollnir's Magic Prop Shop products that will be available for the first time in the UK