The Bright Dice - Close Up 28mm

The Bright Dice - Close Up 28mm

The Bright Dice

6 Dice in One


“The finest dice shell available on the market today”


2 Sizes Available

-Stage - 80mm Cube

Highly visible at a distance


-Close Up - 28mm Cube

Pocket sized and portable


Exquisite Construction

- Undetectable closure system

- Incredibly Clever design

- 3D printed and hand finished with Precision

- Shaped like dice to Roll like Dice


UnimpaIred Electronic Dice Functionality

Spotted Dice or Mental Dice will still transmit over a 15 metre distance at least


6 Face Styles

1 Die with 6 different Sticker Sets to choose from

  • ESP Symbols
  • Colours
  • Fast Food
  • Spots
  • Mayan Symbols
  • Fruit

Gloss Stickers for easy replacement

Refill Sticker Packs Readily Available


Extensive Tutorial Content

- 6 routines - 1 per Face Style

- Logical Cribs

- Performance Ideas

- Maintenance and Sticker Replacement



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