First Class

First Class

"And it seems strange; How we used to wait for letters to arrive.

But what's stranger still - Is how something so small can keep you alive"

Arcade Fire


Double Prediction from the Past


"Someone posted this through my letter box the other day; which is weird - because the postmark says 1997 - and that's not even my address..."


...And so starts a quirky tale that will suck your audience in, and hold their attention until the mind blowing conclusion.


What do the workers think?


"First Class is a fantastic trick. If you are a working pro, you have a self-contained trick made from tyvek that will last years. It also takes up very little pocket space. If you are a hobbyist, this is a self-working style trick that will get you amazing reactions. Definitely add this to your act"

Owen Strickland


The Routine

The Spectator freely selects 2 Cards from a selection of 11.

Both have been predicted - years ago - by the sender of this mysterious letter.


Compact and pocket sized - everything you need to perform a 2-phase prediction sits in this envelope.


  • Easy to Learn - Easy to Do
  • Ready-to-go script
  • Tyvek Envelope: Built to last
  • Magnetic Closure
  • Real Stamp, Real Postmark
  • Bicycle Card Stock
  • Self-Contained


Check the Performance video here



    First Class is built to last.

    However, if your device becomes compromised The British Secret Service offers a 1 year guarantee.

    Simply contact us, return your device and it will be fixed.

    No Questions Asked.